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Love is Innocent

January 17, 2012

Demi Moore recently stated in an interview that someone has told her that: “only children can be abandoned.  Adults can’t be abandoned because we have a choice.  Children don’t have a choice”.  I disagree with the statement.

At the end of each significant relationships, amidst waves of emotions that encompasses sadness, struggling to hold on, and memories that the mind sarcastically uses to  toy with the heart, a dominating emotion is abandonment.  When people are in love, do we really have choices? Perhaps yes, we have choices in what our cerebral mind is able to control.  We actively tries to command many rationalizations/ instructions to our heart to empower us, but the cruel reality is,  love is driven by the heart that leads the mind unreasonably.  As adults, when we fall in love, open up our vulnerabilities to another human being, connect to another soul, we are transformed back into children and are left with very little choices because love is innocent.


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