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Was It Just Me

February 2, 2012

Last time, we walked hand-in-hand and went furniture shopping with bright eyes.

As we went up on the escalator, I tugged closer to you, leaned forward for a kiss on the cheek, and squeezed your hand out of excitement and anticipation.  How beautiful the store was, full of expansive and quietly elegant wood tables, bowls made out of natural material with perfectly artistic oval shapes, little green cactus making homes in round glass bubbles, hanging lights composed of shimmering silvery shells, clean yet refined sofa of varying shades, lagoon, expresso, vibrant red, verdant green, dove gray, of beautiful mirrors of floor length, I felt like I was in a dream.  We were excited at having found what we were looking for, simplicity and elegance, modern and classy.  We pointed out pieces that we liked, where it would fit in our little newly leased apartment, the order of pieces that we would purchase as we save more money.  We were getting married.

We were dreamy about our future, or was it just me?

Tonight as I walked home and passed the store, I went up on the escalator alone.  I walked and gazed at what was once “our furniture” alone.


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