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March 3, 2012


If one can stroll in this distant endless stretch of ocean

And perhaps walk just like this without coming closer to me.

Even though it is an illusion,

I still feel like I can see you.


If you are standing amidst a corner of the ocean

Waiting for me alone,

Unable to do anything except to stand still

You don’t have to forgive a me like this

Like the sea shell that rotates endlessly with the waves

Will you stay constant until you become a grain of sand that does not care about your own fate.

Is this a good way of living

You cried in tears and asked I, who cannot give you an answer

Except to stand still continuously.


If the ocean can see

Will it know if this is a lie

The first time to have a feeling like that

I could even have a feeling like that.


I will take your hand and never let it go

I will sweep you into my arms and walk forward together forever.

I will never forget the day that I promised

But the more I guard the more easily injured.

I hope someone will answer me, but no matter how I ask, the ocean wont’ answer me

So I can only stand still and wait until the end.

If the ocean can recall a love in the past

Then let me spent a life time waiting.
If you are no longer nostalgic about the past memories,
Then let them drift away in the wind.


If the ocean can sweep away all my sadness,

Like the way it gathers all the rivers.

Then let all the injuries, all the tears,

And all my love be taken away.

–Jay Walk “Ocean”


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