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(R + J) / Fitzgerald

March 10, 2012

She laughed with them and quickly flickered her eyes at her watch.  It’s been an half hour and he still has not showed up.  The coke she has ordered for him is already on the table and pretty soon, the waiter will come back and gently ask for orders for the second time.  “He will be here soon”, she quickly mentally assured herself.  R is not a person who flakes.  He’s too charismatic and too innately socially aware.  And he would never leave her alone to have a dinner with friends that he excitedly proposed.  As if to re-affirm her belief, her right thumb and index finger instinctively twisted back and forth the little shinning object on her left finger.  Yes, there’s a lovely, glowing band on her ring finger.  It felt warm and solid, and bought a trace of his familial scent to her.  And why not, after all, this is his heart that he has trusted her with.  As she stole a quick look between conversations, she once again noted its perfect shape, no beginning, no end, but one unity.  “Of course he will be here”, she mentally conversed with herself again and resumed waiting in her little black dress, wavy hair, and pretty makeup that she knew he liked.

He never came.

It was but a dream in her head.


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