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Public Speaking and Summer Night

July 12, 2012

Being invited for talks is like lady luck dressed in a floating dress quietly knocking on the door during a crispy summer night.  At the footstep of the door, I love and feel a spring of desire rustling through my body while simultaneously feel a pang of mild paralysis.  This upcoming talk is no exception.  The chance to share cool science, or what I consider to be cool with an audience of experts is both daunting and challenging.  Fortunately, the desire triggered by a good challenge is at momentum in this moment.  After spending almost a whole day of preparing slides for the talk, I am almost at the point where I can start to practice deliver the talk.

And on another music note.  The long and exhausting day was cherried by a “disastrous” bell event.  I wanted to talk and acted “dramatic”, once again.  And in my characteristic self, sent messages that I wish to travel through dust to retract.  I will be very surprised if he contacts me again.


He did contact me.


Presentation went with flying colors.  Received range of compliments from “very impressed” to  “your talk was the best”, to recruitment from companies.


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